Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photos: The 1st Annual New York State Yo-Yo Contest and International Yo-Yo Open

It's Yo-Yo, yo! Geekanerd was on the scene at Manhattan's South Street Seaport for the first annual New York State Yo-Yo Contest and International Yo-Yo Open. And it blew our collective minds. What, you didn't know yo-yo-ing is cool? Don't you remember that Simpsons episode where the Professional Yo-Yo team come to Springfield Elementary and makes yo-yos like, the must-have item at school the next day? This was exactly like that.

After the jump, check the pics of these skillful bastards, and stay tuned to Geekanerd for video highlights.

Lots of young, highly skilled yo-yoers turned out for the event, and most of them looked a lot cooler that you'd expect. A lot of the style choices brought to mind B-Boys and Skater Punks, and between-round stage events included break dancing and hip-hop performances.

There were a fair amount folks rocking the nerd look as well.

The age range of the competitors and fans ran from about 30 down to 8 - grade-schoolers were very well-represented .

Participants were mostly male, but pretty diverse racially.

Yo-Yos were of course for sale at stands near the stage, and Duncan must have made a killing. I saw someone buy a yo-yo for fifteen dollars. That's one dollar per every minute of fun they'll have with it. Or that's how it worked out for me in sixth grade, anyway. Perhaps these hipsters will have more patience? Hipsters are known for their commitment to trends.


Shawn Fumo said...

Haha.. got listed under the nerd category of photos. I think my goofy hat especially did me in. ;)

But I'm a programmer and into comics and b-movies and all that, so I think I should be honored to be on a blog of such topics. :)

AHR said...

Shawn - at Gnerd we love folks who can pull off the nerd-look, so wear that hat with pride! Also just goes to show, I can spot a fellow comics fan from a mile away. What are you reading these days?