Thursday, August 02, 2007

Web Game of the Week (Classic Edition): Grow RPG

Every Thursday, intrepid Geekanerd correspondent Johnny clues you in on the best way to kill the last 16 hours of the work week.

An internet classic, Grow RPG is without a doubt the best of the Grow games from Eyemaze. The concept? Simple -- defeat the Mephistopheles-like dragon and his minions (located at the top) by dragging and dropping the eight items on the sides of the screen into the “GROW” icon in the correct order. However, figuring out the correct order is determined by how each item develops as more items are entered into the grow world. At the end, your trusty knight (at the bottom) goes through the whole game, RPG style, to try to defeat the enemies. Depending on how incorrectly (or correctly) you chose the items, you will see how the knight succeeds and fails.

Tips 'N' Strategies after the jump...

Super easy, just drag and drop the eight items on the sides of the screen into the “GROW” icon in the center. Preferable for those who do not have the dexterity for normal RPGs.


Write down the order in which you place the items into the center each time. This will help you deduce the solution. After all the items are placed, before the knight takes his journey, each item will show how many levels it developed or whether it is maxed out. Your goal is to max everything out. However, the number of levels it takes for each item to max out is for you to figure out.

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