Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ghost In The Shill: Nissan's Anime Car

"I demand to live in a fantasy world!", said young, media-saturated consumers across the globe, and Nissan listened. They've responded with the Mixim, a extensively researched concept car aimed at gamers and anime-fans. And regular old comics fans too, judging from that Batmobile steering wheel.

More pics after the jump, plus we uncover a corporate conspiracy....

The Mixim is by Nissan's Tokyo design team, including Korean designer Yoo Eunsun who designed the car's interior. In today's Independent, Eunsun says her influences were Second Life, manga, and...

"....Japanese animation, like the film Ghost In The Shell."

Reeeaaally! This isn't the first instance of corporate synergy between Nissan and Ghost In the Shell; earlier this year, an episode of the Ghost In the Shell anime series featured animated versions of Nissan Concept Cars from 2005.
(do not adjust your set, there's no sound)

A Wired blog article on the topic also points out that the Nissan Versa is all over Heroes ("Look Ando! Not a scratch on the Versa!").

So just know, fellow geekanerds, Nissan wants your dollars. Badly.

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