Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guitar Hero For People Who Actually Play Guitar

Hey Guitar Heroes - have you ever glammed your way through Ziggy Stardust on Expert and thought to yourself, "They should make one of these with a real guitar! I'd be a rock god in no time!" Well, Now Play It has done the next best thing; they've produced hundreds of high-quality video tutorials that teach you how to play rock songs by displaying the guitar chord tab on screen in time with the music. Playing through a lesson feels very similar to playing Guitar Hero, except that it results a skill that actually impresses non-gamers.

Lessons come in three flavors - drums, guitar, and bass. The "In House" tutorials feature more detailed lessons with teachers walking you through each song. They've also got a few celebrity hosted videos, including a bass tutorial for Song 2 featuring the actual factual bass player from Blur, Alex James.

On the down side, the videos are kinda pricey at two to three British pounds per download. That's like, what, forty-five American dollars? But the short demos are pretty sweet by themselves, especially for dilettantes who only want learn the chorus anyway.

Via Cool Hunting

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