Sunday, September 09, 2007

Slogan Deja Vu: Okay, We Get It, "Love Blows"!

Two upcoming comedies have virtually the same tag line.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Say it with me now: Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?


Hunter said...

The Good Luck Chuck poster has NO CLAIM to that tagline. Seriously, she is way into him and she's looking cute and he just said something wise. For perspective, note that Ben Stiller hates his new wife and she's blowing a pretend horn at him. Also these are both high concept comedies, but Good Luck Chuck's concept is much higher, because Dane Cook's character Chuck has at least one magical property. With the higher concept, the GLC team has no excuse for not coming up with a tagline more specific than "Sometimes Love Blows" which could be applied to any romcom in the history of romcoms. Also, why does GLC's poster looks like a DVD cover, spotlighting talent and downplaying premise? Where are the O's made of wedding rings? I shouldn't have to get this upset every time a bus pulls up.

Hunter said...

Oh, her dress! Oh.

AHR said...

The land of movie promotion is a crazy mixed up world indeed. Several months ago movie sites were posting links to GLC teaser posters that were miles away from what's plastered all over NYC:

I guess they thought they'd promote it as a Something About Mary type lad movie, realized the actual Farelly brothers had a movie coming out in September too, so they made a quick change to a for-the-ladies smirking guy and happy girl poster campaign. This may account for the sheer inanity of the current GLC poster. Also, they could be trying to recapture the white-void magic of the Employee Of The Month poster.

Degan said...

Wow... i have to say i'm amazed at the ire raised by these two movies... huh.