Friday, September 07, 2007

Must Haves For Fall: Zig-Zag Shirts, Security Blankets

Never has there been a daily comic strip with more emotionally raw characters than Peanuts. Depression, self-doubt, self-deception, obsession...God, I loved that strip!

Given the depth of the strip's characters, it should come as no surprise that the Peanuts gang are now serving as muses for some of New York's Fashion Week top designers. Can you recognize which characters the garments in the above graphic are based on?

Some educated guesses after the jump...

  • Top left, we've got Charlie Brown and Snoopy, who's rocking his World War II flying ace scarf (that little touch was caught by Geekanerd's own Gotham Girl).
  • Below that is a more obvious CB, and I happen to know the bottom left is based on Pig Pen, as interpreted by Laura Bennet of Project Runway Fame.
  • The top right looks like Linus from the coloring, but I can't imagine anything based on the lad that neglects his one must-have accessory. And the bottom right is definitely Lucy, right down to the petulant body language.
The runway show is tomorrow at 6pm at Bryant Park, although it's probably one of those, you know, Fashion Week things. But those of you who you have read this far may want to check out the live webcast starting at 6pm tonight. The clothes will then be auctioned off as a part of MetLife's Dress For Success charity. I always used to cringe when I saw Snoopy shilling for MetLife, but I have to say a cool event like this makes it all worth it. If any designer had the moxie to make a hat based on Snoopy's supper dish, I will go into credit-card debt to buy it.

From the poster of the saddest movie of all time, Snoopy Come Home

Via TimeOut New York

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