Friday, September 07, 2007

Ninjas Are In Your House, Stealing Your Stuff!

Attention New Yorkers- there is a ninja on the loose. I repeat, a ninja on the loose.

Last seen in Staten Island, this home invading thief is described as 6 feet tall, light skinned, medium build, dressed in black with a ski-mask, and is armed with pepper spray and nunchaku.
Would you believe this story gets even more insane? Details on how the hunter is now the hunted after the jump.

Before going on, I would like to stress that this so called ninja is entirely without honor, having used crude pepper spray on one of his burglary victims. He is suspected of perpetrating as many as 14 home invasion robberies over the last several months in the Staten Island area. Who can defend us from such an elemental force of evil?

The answer, citizens, is homeowner Phil Chiolo.

When the masked thief targeted Phil Chiolo's Long Island home, he made a near fatal mistake. Chiclo was home during the robbery, and the ninja attacked with blows to the chest and head. Luckily, Chiolo managed to grab a steak knife from his kitchen, and stab it into the ninja's chest "up to the handle".

Good lord! I think we all know there is only one type of person that can pull that kind of move on a ninja and live to tell the tale...the gold chain is a hint...


Still, ninjas are not always so easily disposed of, and the masked man fled the scene with the knife still in his chest. I certainly hope we're not dealing with some sort of zombie-ninja hybrid here. He was last spotted in the backyard of another Staten Island resident, but hopefully having been stabbed in the chest will eventually cause him to give himself up.

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Lena said...

Oh my god. That is truly insane.

Degan said...

Bring it on Ninja scum! I hope he tries to rob me next! I'm ready to take on a ninja with a knife in his chest any day!

AHR said...

Deeg, you might not get a chance - I imagine Captain Ciolo is already tracking the ninja down, intent on getting his cutlass back.