Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like A Pirate Day Loot - Monkey Island Artifacts

It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I already blew my pirate-talk wad with last monday's Weekanerd. While scurvy-speak doesn't come easy for a city-slicker like myself, writer/comic genius Al Ewing over at Re-Retro seems to have been born with saltwater in his veins. He's put together a great post on Monkey Island, the swashbuckilingest pirate related property of all time. And yes, I'm including the PotC trilogy, which while exquisite in it's humor and use of Kiera Knightly in drag, does not match the hours of wit and adventuring to be found in even just the first Monkey Island game. Also, dig that Steve Purcell cover art. Ehh?

Also included in Ewing's post are a series of videos showcasing an amateur theatrical adaptation of Monkey Island. Oh yes. It's all there for you to ingest via YouTube, if your stomach lining can take the pangs of embarrassment that comes form even watching an school play based on a computer game. But once you build up your tolerance, it's kind of amazing. Pretty good job on the costumes, although it doesn't top my Monkey Island II Guybrush Threepwood ensemble, which was the hit of a certain Lucasarts Adventure Game Costume Party in the fall of 1992.

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Albo said...

I'm so jealous that you knew enough geekanerds in the Fall of '92 to have a Lucasarts Adventure Game Costume Party.