Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Geek Speek: Debating U R MR GAY

Geekanerd jumps through flame war hoops and fights off trolls to bring you the best and worst in internet commentary...
Internet wizkids have discovered that some letters on the official boxart for the upcoming (I can't wait!) Wii game Super Mario Galaxy have little flares on their bottom corners... And those letters spell out "U R MR GAY." Coincidence? Boxart design by a thirteen year old Halo player? Even funnier than that awesome joke I just stole from Megaton News are some comments that the site's readers left on the story.

Go check 'em out there or hit the jump for the highlights...

George W. Bush says: "Why thank you! I totally am gay and I will definitely buy this game for me and my whole family!"

This is so Gay says: "look, my name spells 'this is so gay'."

Anonymous says: "Ha! Seems as tho gamers are the gayest bunch of all, considering they are the ones who always notice the most gay stuff! Only a bunch of gay nerds would search for and find UR MR GAY. LOL…kudos nerds!"

FOS says: "JAJAJAJA Man, we should have commented on this after the release!!! Then, Nintendo can change the box art and we get a rare 'gay' box art. Then, you sell it in eBay in 15 years"

One of my favorite message board tropes is the guy who tops off an idiotic comment with an attack on someone else's intelligence...

JD77 says [in response to someone who said if it wasn't a coincidence they would have "spelled the words correctly"]: "Yeah… its SUBLIMINAL, retard. If it actually said whatever it wouldn’t be hidden. Riiiiiight?? As far as talking correctly goes, people that don’t speak English well (like i don’t know, the Japanese??) might switch things around a bit! Think before you speak smarty."

The award for WTFiest Explanation goes to...

Cameron Heard says: "I’m thinking it might be a reference to the Stephen King Book/Film Dreamcatcher. In the story the character Duditz’ evil alien nemesis is called ‘Mr Grey’. Duditz has a speech impediment though so he pronounces the name of the Alien ‘MR GAY’ which nobody figures out until the end of the story….Solved?"

Anonymous says: "This post is Mr Gay."

nice says [in response to Dwight F, a graphic designer who posted to dispense his sober professional opinion]: "dwight f is mr gay"

Mr. Gay says: "U R me!"

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