Thursday, October 04, 2007

An Insane Fan's Guide To The Sweeney Todd Trailer

The good news is, the new Sweeney Todd trailer looks gorgeous. Shots like the one above make me hope that Tim Burton's imagination is back on track after his long dry spell. Okay, so that pic is from a fantasy sequence that's not exactly characteristic of the look of the rest of the film, but still, it's awesome. And really, there's nothing like working with the greatest material ever written to get the old directorial mojo working again.

The bad news is the trailer itself is pretty poor, due an attempt to cover up the fact that Sweeney Todd is a sung-through musical by cramming in every spoken line of dialogue (all ten of them). The trailer can be viewed here, but really, if you've never seen the play the trailer may give you the wrong impression - there's barely any music in it, the one clip they do have of Johnny singing looks strange out of context. The trailer's overall impact is much more conventional and less hardcore than I believe this movie truly is (UPDATE: I was right. Read my rave review for details). But still, visually it kicks ass, and after the jump I've screencaped some "killer" stills, accompanied with my patented Foaming Geek Analysis.

Remember those moments in Kill Bill when The Bride sees someone she wants to kill, and it goes into Revenge-O-Vision? This movie will have many of those kinds of moments, but with more pathos.

This is from a song sequence in which Todd decides to kill, well, everyone. "What do you mean, everyone?" EVERYYYYONNNE!

The most moving love song in Sweeney Todd is sung directly to a pair of razor blades. Is that, or is that not, all the reason you need to see this film?

What a kooky pair! Helena Boham Carter plays Mrs. Lovett, Todd's practical, street-smart, and highly delusional partner in crime. Carter doesn't make much of an impression in the trailer, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume her ultra-dry performance is more of a long form thing. Note that in this pic Johnny is doing his trademark wounded glare. Can't go wrong with that.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Adolfo Pirelli, one of those turn of the century snake-oil salesmen you're always hearing about. We can look forward to a suitably over-the-top performance and an purposefully broad Italian accent.

Alan Rickman as the evil Judge Turpin, seen here in a 15-years prior flashback. Wow, he really cleans up well. Snape fans are going to lose their shit. However, Rickmanites will be somewhat discouraged to know that for the majority of the film, Mr. Rickman will be looking more like this next still...

Still, you take what you can get.

Todd makes a "few minor adjustments" to his barber chair.

Welcome to the grave, filmmgoers.

The very CG exterior of Mrs. Lovett's shop.

To close, a selection of images that signify what this movie is all about. Not the soul-corroding power of anger, not the self-destructive nature of revenge, nor dehumanizing caste system of the industrial age. No, this film, as the MPAA will attest to, is at it's core about angrily slashing people's throats with huge straight razors. Enjoy.

Slashy slashy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm completely randomly leaving a comment here (I was actually looking up Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin on Google, ha). I just have to say something concerning that second picture of Alan Rickman.... personally, I'm not complaining :) I just think Alan's looking as fabulous as ever, especially for his age.
Oh and I did see the movie. It was brilliant and the pictures you've posted are quite nice! :D

AHR said...

Oh believe me, when I talked about "Rickmanites" I was secretly including myself. And having seen and adored the actual movie, yes, he in fact looks excellent in his Victorian era garb, though I was most blown away by his beautiful singing voice, which I wasn't expecting at all. Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...