Monday, October 15, 2007

Panel Discussion: The Week in Comic Book Scans

Every week Geekanerd brings you the best, worst and weirdest panels from the week's comics. There will be SPOILERS. Be sure to click these puppies for high res action!

Beatdown of the Week - Simon Dark #1

Serrated bonesaws, supervillain tears and Silver Age goofery after the jump!

Best Silver Age Throwback - Booster Gold #3
This panel, which demonstrates the alternate past Booster has to prevent, might actually BE a cover from the silver age. The gaping facial expressions, the use of the phrase "How could you?", the classic Superman in half-dressed pose...the only thing missing is wanton cruelty.

Even Supervillains Cry - New Avengers #35 Poor Jigsaw just can't catch a break.

Best Visual Gag - Green Arrow/Black Canary #1
Classic. Especially hilarious is the contrast in tools; Doc Midnite has his delicate little surgical implements, whereas Bats goes straight to the electric bonesaw. Bro don't mess!