Monday, October 15, 2007

All Searches Lead to Geekanerd

Some Google searches that lead people to Geekanerd:
  • old people get suck vidio - This guy musta been so disappointed when he landed on our site
  • super secret nudie pics
  • comics hard nasty
  • fantasize about being a dentist
  • star trek nude - We got two of these...
  • who else thinks the iron man trailer looks ridiculous
  • who thinks that watchmen is gonna suck - These guys talk to Google as if it were their group of buddies...
  • irobot is the saddest movie in the world - What exactly was this person hoping to find?
  • wii game shop updates nude - WTF?
Draw your own conclusions. The idea for this post was swiped from our good friends at I Hate My Job.