Sunday, October 28, 2007

Photos: Zombie Olympics at Tompkins Scare Park

Most of the G'Nerd staff is busy preparing our costumes, but will be back in full force by Monday with some Guitar Hero III Live Blogging (UPDATE: Okay, scratch that. Sometimes plans fall through, what can we tell you?) In the meantime, here are some snaps of the Zombie Olympics from yesterday's open air Halloween event, Tompkin's Scare Park.

zombie sports announcer hosted the event

that's the Fresh Direct Delivery Zombie on the far left ("Ask if we deliver fresh brains to your neighborhood!")
and the "Rebel Without A Pulse" on the right.

the "Catch the Human" race

the inevitable result

Corporate Zombie/Yuppie Zombie, the winner of the zombie walk-off.
The photographers seen here were subsequently eaten.

the birth of a new internet meme?


Great White Snark said...

All those funny pics make me hungry for brains.

I've got some from the NY ZombieCon, if you care to check them out:

Degan said...

[shudder] more reason to be glad i wasn't in the city this weekend... that poor lone pirate... surely he didn't make it. Brave soul.