Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Halloween Edition

Monday, October 29th
I could take or leave Tim Burton's mediocre Sleepy Hollow, but a free screening of the Stephen King / George Romero pulp masterpiece known as Creepshow? You had me at hello.

Tuesday, October 30th
"When a strange meteor smashes into a ship en route to Illyria, the bodies pile up as fast as the romantic complications. Will true love prevail? Can a zombie be made to understand the affairs of the heart, without eating it?" Bwaha!

Wednesday, October 31st
It just wouldn't be Halloween in New York City without pushing through thousands of sweaty costumed Yorkers to catch of glimpse of some other sweaty costumed Yorkers walking up Sixth Avenue. But the night only begins here, as Geekanerd heartily recommends you skip the official afterparty and head straight to:
This 2nd Annual event promises an all night open bar, burlesque performers, sword swallowers, fire eaters, graffiti writers, and musical performances by Everythus the Deadbeats, Everything Now! and the truly epic Bryan Scary.

Hit the jump for your post X-Ween recoup...

Thursday, November 1st

  • Veg Out w. Some New Video Games
  • After work @ your apartment
You had to wake up and go to work after last night's revelries, so you probably don't feel like doing much tonight. A quick detour by your favorite video game shop will get you Guitar Hero 3 and/or Manhunt 2, both of which were released this week. So just sit back and shred some tunes or flesh, depending on the game.

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