Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rob Liefeld Smack Talks Alan Moore

Rob Liefeld, the Image founder turned comics pariah is having something of a comeback. Not the kind of comeback where he's working, but the kind of comeback where everyone is fascinated by what the most hated man in comics has to say. Part of that is the fact that the guy isn't afraid to tell it like it is, because it's implausible anyone could hate him any more than they already do. First there was the great Brian Bendis interview discussing his notoriety, and now there is an interview at OC Weekly (yes, that OC) where he badmouths Alan Moore (Watchmen). That's right, the worst creator in comics is slandering the best creator in comics:
“Alan just wants to get paid more money, that’s it. Sorry Alan. I got my body of work out of Alan Moore, he doesn’t intimidate me, I don’t put him on a pedestal like Jack Kirby and Frank Miller. He’s just a guy who wants to get paid, and he cuts deals for himself that he doesn’t like down the line, and then he gets whiny and cries about it...Hey man, he worked for me for two years, I was quiet for like ten years. And then I watched him burn every other bridge, and I go “Hmm.” Although we didn’t have a falling out with him. He just stopped working with us, because he now wanted to invest in his new universe with Wildstorm comics, and again, like I said, OOPS! That went up in flames. He gives 'temperamental artist' a new meaning.”
Via Bags and Boards.