Tuesday, October 16, 2007

7-Minute Dark Knight Prologue to Screen With I Am Legend IMAX

It's well known by now that The Dark Knight will be shooting four action sequences on IMAX cameras, and now word comes down that there will be a DK "prologue" featuring The Joker showing before the IMAX screenings of the Will Smith post-apocalypflick I Am Legend. When did IMAX become the next big thing?

Via /Film.


bbishopp said...

how excited i am about the dark knight? For a second i almost considered hunting down the nearest imax and subjecting myself to an enormous will smith just to see the prologue. Help me geekanerds, you're my only hope. Please post the video when it inevitably leaks online so i don't need to struggle with the notion that will smith is the last person on the planet for two hours

Dark Knight said...

I'm quite impatient to watch this prologue ! :)