Saturday, November 03, 2007

No More Heroes: Writers Strike May Cut Season Short

The fabled writers strike is finally upon us, and you may start seeing the effects sooner than you think. TV Guide is reporting that the producers of Heroes are going to shoot an alternate ending to the December 3rd episode that will allow it to work as the season finale in the event that the writers strike keeps them from producing the rest of the season. Considering how little I'm enjoying this season already, rushing to a conclusion FIVE EPISODES from now (making it an 11 episode season) will probably ensure I never return. To be fair, that episode was always planned as the end of the current "volume," (while the first season was only one volume, this season was meant to be two) but the admission that additional material would need to be shot to give viewers some closure certainly means some important stuff is gonna get rushed.


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Great White Snark said...

... to the chagrin of no one. I think most fans are like you and me: disappointed with this season.