Saturday, November 03, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Fun Size Edition - Counter Strike and Flash Focus Tournies

Saturday, November 3rd
If you're Counter Strike fan, hopefully you already noticed this on our Geek Out menu on your right. If not and you want to participate, call (212) 614-7300 ASAP and see if you can grab a spot. First place is $500 bucks, a mousepad, and Dust-Off. That is the geekiest shit I've ever heard. Your chance at these riches comes with a steep $35 registration fee, so only enter if you plan on winning.

Sunday, November 4th
Have years of twitch gaming given you visual reflexes to rival Jason Bourne? Here's your chance to play Flash Focus and win a Wii, or other prizes that are no doubt less exciting. Call 646-459-0800 to sign up, and ask what time it starts cause it ain't on the website.


Albo said...

Dust-Off, for real? That is incredible.

Johnny said...

That, sir, is an incredible helmet you have on there.