Monday, November 05, 2007

Panel Discussion: Scans from Mouse Guard, X-Men: Messiah Complex, Countdown to Mystery and More

Every week Geekanerd brings you the best, worst, and weirdest panels from the week's comics. Click 'em for some beautiful high-res scans! Oh, and look out for SPOILERS.

Best Save - Celanawe, Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #2When have you seen so much suspense packed into two panels? You really get the feel of Celanawe straining to pull Lieam over the edge of the pit, snow crunching against the weight of his feet.

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Superhero Dirty Talk - X-Men: Messiah Complex
The lovers find themselves alone... Emma bends over the co-pilot seat, presenting herself. She purrs, "And what about us, Scott? No orders for me?" Scott glances over, the lust in his eyes visible even through the thick ruby quartz glasses meant to keep his powerful blasts at bay. "You and I are going to find out the truth here, Emma..." He engages the Blackbird's autopilot. "...and pray that this isn't what it looks like..."

Oh, I think it's EXACTLY what it looks like, Cyke.

Most Sensual Panel - Countdown to Mystery #2
Sensuality isn't always about sex, you know. Sometimes the power of touch is best demonstrated through more innocent, simple pleasures, as demonstrated by the above panels: a ghost who for unknown reasons has been made tangible goes skinny dipping in a lake in Brazil. Okay, maybe that's not very innocent or simple, but still, that underwater drawing is beautiful.

Superheroes Are Dicks - X-Men: Messiah Complex
Where did these guys learn social etiquette? A woman walks up with her burning daughter in her arms begging for help and the best these guys can come up with is a detached "Oh my God..." and the incredibly insensitive "The child is still smoldering..." Thank you, Captain Dickhead. I guess the X-Men have just seen to much genocide to care much about burning children.

Jessica Alba Award for Worst Acting - That Same Distraught Mother, X-Men: Messiah Complex
Is this a face that says "I just lost my daughter and now I'm being psychically invaded"? No way, there's a definite hint of a smile, there. It looks more like a Spring Break party cheer. If that word balloon said "Hell yeaaah, bitchees!" and the White Queen's hand was holding a Bud Light instead of.... Hmmm....
Am I right?!

Worst Fight Choreography - The Crime Bible #1
Wow, The Question blocked two side kicks in a row! Pretty awesome. Let's see how she attacks this guy...Another side kick...

Gruesome Beatdown of the Week, Part One - Batman #670
Damian takes no guff from the League of Assassins!

Gruesome Beatdown of the Week, Part Two - Daredevil 2007 Annual
The Black Tarantula is one hardcore fella.

Wackiest Crime - Countdown to Mystery #2

Not only has Plastic Man taken the least efficient way through Lex-Corp's laser security system, his partner in crime has fogged up the room by frantically puffing away on a cigarette. Burglary is hilarious!

PS: I find it difficult to believe Lex-Corp uses security tech as old fashioned as laser trip wires. Shouldn't they have something more along the lines of a motion sensitive kryptonite-bullet mini cannon rigged up?

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