Monday, November 19, 2007

Panel Discussion: Scans From Countdown, Booster Gold and Black Adam: The Dark Age,

Every Monday, Geekanerd brings you the most remarkable comic panels of the week, or at the very least, some really violent ones. Click 'em for hi-res.

Most Creative/Inexplicable Use Of Powers - Superman Prime, Countdown #24
Sooo...what's going on here? How does heat-vision plus water equal multiple nuclear explosions? Did Supes Prime actually float there for however long it took him to raze all of Atlantis, one square inch at a time? Did he boil the entire ocean until all of the nuclear cores in Atalntis(!?) went critical? Is he using his heat-vision to hit the Atlantis' Death Star style exagust port that causes the whole city to blow up? I need more information.

Beatdown of the Week
- Rip Hunter, Booster Gold #4
Nothing pisses off Rip Hunter like having his old girlfriends erased from the space-time continuum. Wait, but if she was erased from time, how would he remember her? Oh well, I'm sure it's explained somewhere - let's focus instead on that upper-cut in the last panel. Even if the path of his arm is a little stilted, that's a hell of a punch.

Black Adam Award For Tearing A Guy In Half - Black Adam, Black Adam: The Dark Age #4
What I like most about this page is that these two doomed Black Ops soldiers totally have the right idea about what to do if you see Black Adam coming for you. Don't stop and shoot, just run. Fire your weapon aimlessly behind you as your run, sure, but really concentrate on the running part. They both still died, of course, but style points for both of them.


$tephen said...

Interesting. I'd read Rip's last shot as a downward elbow to the nose rather than an uppercut.

Albo said...

I'm with you, $tephen. But it's made extra confusing by the fact that he seems poised for a punch in the panel before and the hand with which he's gripping the guy's shirt changes between panels...

AHR said...

I agree it's convoluted, but here's what I thought (and continue to think) happened:

4th Long Panel: Right hand cross.

5th Panel: Rip retracts his right arm.

BETWEEN PANEL SPACE: Rip switches the hand he's using to hold Evil Time Travler.

6th Panel: Rip uppercuts him with his left.

HOWEVER, the motion lines do seem to indicate he's throwing his arm down rather than up...I'm a big fan of chin checks, so maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see.

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