Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: David Fincher, Crispin Glover, Cartoonists and Balloons

Monday, November 19th
The Director's Cut DVD of Zodiac won't be released till January 2008, but here's your chance to see what's new before everyone else. Fincher will be on hand to talk about the movie and maybe even answer your questions, as long as it doesn't have to do with Fight Club. Cause we don't talk about Fight Club.

Tuesday, November 20th
Two of my favorite comic creators from the unendingly awesome Act-i-Vate comics collective, along with their own personal superhero, PR Man. Geekanerd fans should already be familiar with Neufeld's A.D, but do yourself a favor and read Goldman's free online comic Kelly, in all it's heavily NSFW glory.

Wednesday, November 21st
This evening offers some serious Crispin Glover bang for your buck. First on the bill is The Big Slide Show performed by Mr. Glover himself. You can watch an early version of this on YouTube, it's incredible, probably worth price of admission alone. After that it's the second film in Glover's bizarre "It" Trilogy, and then Q & A. And chances are, you will have many, many Q's.

Thursday, November 22nd
Though 2006 brought us new Pikachu and Snoopy balloons, the best we've got this year is Shrek (cynicism for kids, lovely) Hello Kitty (yawn) and Abby Cadabby (wha? I feel old). But art lovers might take note of a new float based on Jeff Koons' famous Rabbit sculpture, and marvel at the sheer appropriateness of having Koons' work exhibited in this annual salute to media icons and department stores.

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