Friday, November 30, 2007

Protect Your Gadgets With Gelaskins

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You put your ipod in your pocket, and in your pocket are your keys and a pen that, unbeknownst to you, sprung a leak yesterday.

The moment will come when you feel like listening to the “No One” by Miss Alicia Keys.

You reach for your ipod and see this:

There’s a crapload of ink dried up permanently covering almost 2/3 of your screen. Friend: “Hey what song is this?” You: “I DON’T KNOW.”

That scratch takes itself right through the touchwheel.

Don’t hate yourself. It’s not like you were about to velcro your ipod into a forty-dollar accessory like it’s about to go on a trip to Mars. If you’d wanted to cart around a refrigerator-sized device that plays music, then you could just put your home stereo system into a wagon. Tell me I'm wrong. No, you wanted an ipod that was shaped like an ipod. And don’t step over here with an idea about some translucent royal blue holiday saran wrap googity moogity that, while sure it maintains your junk’s silhouette, is about as nice to look at as the CIA headquarters in DC and about as good at protecting you and yours as the CIA has been in recent years. Tell me I'm wrong.

There's hope. Four weeks ago, I was at an event with my friends A. H. Robe and Albertson Rather.

I came upon two gentlemen selling these. They're gelaskins. Check out how nice.

They come for a variety of ipod models, and some phones and computers too. Most importantly, they look good.

These gelaskins are made of a special adhesive designed for use on buses and cars. The adhesive is tough. Your keys won’t be able to scratch up your nano no matter how much they want to.

The gelaskins peel right off, too. Maybe you get tired of the beautiful artwork encasing your ipod. Well, remove it. Go ahead. What’s that, you applied your gelaskin last year? That shit peels off like it’s late for a meeting, no matter how long it’s been in place.

And the gelaskins collection is well curated. This is one of those opportunities to give the world a lot of information about yourself. What kind of person are you? A dreamy kid? Troy McClure? Proudly into golf?

Here’s my 2nd generation nano today: protected on all possible sides (there’s even a gelascreen on my screen protecting it from scratches).

Here’s a jacked-up modification AHR made using the sassy steam punk gelaskin she got at an expo. It’s for an iPod touch, not her classic kind, but she wanted to look cool, so she’s trying to make it work.