Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Jurassic Park, The New New Museum, and Sad Songs

Friday, November 30th
  • Jurassic Park
  • Midnight @ The Sunshine, 143 East Houston Street, Manhattan
I hope you haven't forgotten how awesome this movie is. This was made in 1993 and the dinosaurs still look completely fucking real.

Saturday, December 1st
This museum rules, and now it's back and totally insane looking. For the first 30 hours of the grand reopening admission is free, but only if you've got a ticket, and they already gave them all away. But the official site says if you show up it might be possible to get a returned or unused ticket on the spot, if you want to chance it.

Sunday, December 2nd
Though they had their on-trend moment in the late 90s, mix tapes are still a labor of music geek love. This new monthly event invites music fans to trade mix tapes or CDs amongst themselves, based on this months' theme of The Saddest Songs In The World. ROCK. I pick Shannon, I Know It's Over, and I Can't Make You Love Me. I'm crying just thinking about them.

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