Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Men in Monster Suits, Anxious Art, and Fun with Dysfunction

Friday, November 9th
Live cage matches that pit mutant monsters against each other? The YouTube vids look pretty awesome, and they've got a seriously bonkers website. I can't make heads or tails of it. $23 at the door.

Saturday, November 10th
A symposium hosted by The New School about how illustrators respond to troubled times, from atomic anxiety of the 1950s to the 24 hour terrorfest we're currently enjoying. There are a lot more upbeat events happening today (see the Geek Out menu to your left) but this one is free and features Tara McPherson, an awesome illustrator who just did a new line of Dunnys for Kid Robot.

Sunday, November 11th
You know how Noah Baubmach made The Squid in The Whale, which was semi-autobiographical and all about this deplorable father character?
Well, as part of the PENultimate Lit series, now you have your chance to see a conversation between Noah and his actual writer/scholar father, Jonathan Baubmach. Sounds squirm-tastic! $10, hit the title link to get tickets in advance.

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