Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bully For the Wii and 360: Better Late Than Never!

Way back in Gnerd's summer 2007 infancy, we reported that Bully (one of our favorite Playstation 2 games) would be coming to the Xbox 360 and Wii by Fall 2007. Well, we all know now that this was a huge lie, fed to an unsuspecting public by Rockstar developers who no doubt would rather play Guitar Hero in the communal company kitchen than get their own games out on time. But all is forgiven, because over the weekend a new release date was announced (via IGN), along with info as to what the fabled "new content" would consist of. Deets after the jump.

The new release date is March 4th in the US and March 7th in the UK. The extra content includes...

Eight new missions
Presumably these are side missions, and not multi-faceted missions with their own cut-scenes and what not. Here's hoping they're not all Give-This-To-That-Guy missions, of which there were already more than enough in the PS2 version.

Four new school classes: biology, music, math and geography
All of the school class minigames managed to be both fun and challenging, but chances are you'd finish them all well before the storyline of the game ran out, taking away from the realism of having to sneak around to avoid cutting class. More classes are a welcome addition, and I'd bet money the Bio class involves frog dissection.

New unlockable items and clothing
I'd scoff at this, but truthfully I spent a sad amount of in-game time mowing lawns so I hope they include some superhero tees this time. There were never enough geek options for dressing Jimmy.

New two-player offline minigames
Excellent addition - one might question the point of adding minor multiplayer offering in a single player game, but I frequently played Bully with friends just by taking turns on missions, since the game's script is smart and funny enough to entertain even if you're not playing. I'd guess these new minigames will probably be go-kart racing and maybe some sort of melee fight game (as in The Warriors).

New awards and Achievements
Yawn. Only college football players and The Cheats care about trophies.

There's no mention of how the Wiimote will work, so I'm still holding out hope for Wii
Boxing style fight controls (not bloodly likely). There's also no explicit mention of updated graphics, although IGN's publicity stills for Scholarship Edition look a lot smoother and prettier than we've seen before, so it's a good bet.

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