Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Miss This: Teeth

I just watched this trailer, and honestly my eyes are welling up a bit. This is the first I've heard of this movie, and... Damn. Just damn.

Teeth comes out in theaters today.


AHR said...

The Occasional Superheroine had an interesting perspective on this movie's press material, and what this movie is really about (spoiler alert: Christianity). It's mostly speculative, since the movie hadn't come out at the time, but still worth a look.

Degan said...

from everything i saw before this, i thought it was gonna be some kinda quirky indy comedy type thing... when i saw this trailer before sweeney todd, it creeped me the hell out! "A cautionary tale for men"... men, don't have sex with vagina dentatas... No Matter What! Thanks to this trailer, i know i'll think twice.

Albo said...

Wow. Good link, AHR. From Sarah Dobbs' comments on that blog:

"... I saw this film at a festival last year. It made me feel sick, exhausted, and like I wanted to hide under my duvet for the rest of my natural life."

"The girl in Teeth gets raped over and over and over again. She's either forced by a boyfriend, drugged and date-raped, or violated by a doctor, who's obviously abusing his position of trust. When each of the men involved gets injured, the audience roared with laughter, and I nearly threw up - because it's a movie with just endless amounts of rape."

"It's technically well-made, well-acted, and all that stuff. It just depressed and terrified the hell out of me. I was supposed to see All The Boys Love Mandy Lane straight afterwards, and I just went home and cried instead."

As previously reported, crying was my first instinct as well.

Ethan said...

i don't know... i hear it's bark is bigger than it's bite... du du ch... no, but for real, that's what some people i know who saw it at sundance last year said.

Johnny said...

waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait... her vagina has teeth?