Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Labyrinth, Scrabble, and Advance Wars Launch

Friday, January 18
Despite the constant presence of alternately cute and traumatizingly scary muppets, if you were born in the early 80s/late 70s chances are your viewing of this film coincided with your sexual awakening. Whether that new, confusing feeling was tied to young Jennifer Connelly or David Bowie depends on the individual. Actually scratch that, no matter what your preference, how are you not down with this action?
Scrabble and Advance Wars Launch Party, after the jump...

Saturday, January 19
Word nerds need a new venue to show off their skills now that Scrabulous' days are numbered (or is that lettered? Hawww.) Scrabble For Cheaters is a charity event in which 2-player teams compete for vocab dominance, with both their lexicons AND their bank accounts. That's right, for $25 bucks you can trade out a letter, and for a whopping $500 you can play Jykyqyz, say it's a type of Icelandic blanket, and no one can question it. There are lots more buyable cheats in between, hit the link for a list. Sadly all the team slots are filled, though you can still show up and see if teams like Eatin' n Cheatin' can outwit (or outspend) The Great Tile Caper.

Sunday, January 20

A launch at the Nintendo Store usually means there's free stuff to be had. To celebrate their new DS Title, the latest in the Advance Wars series, they'll be giving out free copies of the game to the first 25 folks in line. You'd probably have to get in line sometime on Friday to get one, but it is a four day weekend have time. Check out the press release on Go Nintendo, cause Nintendo World seems to have taken the event info down from their terribly run official site.

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