Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Comic Preview Ad Libs
Young Avengers Presents: Patriot

Marvel Comics sends us previews all the time for its upcoming books. The only problem is, they come without words so sometimes it's hard for Albo and AHR to figure out what the heck is going on. Lucky for them I am King Johnny, Master of the Educated Guess. So hit the jump with confidence, dear readers, for what follows is more or less what you'll be getting when the book hits the stands.

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Young Avengers Presents: Patriot hits the stands January 23rd.


André Callot, GET-UP said...

It helps the sexual ambiguity of the character that he looks like Sade.

Bishop said...


Johnny said...

My roommate, who incidentally reads the Young Avengers, was looking at this. Apparently, I happened to call so many things correctly. The Black Captain America was right, the Portal dude is gay and Shield Boy and Arrow Lady do have massive sexual tension. Boy, do I know how to call it.