Friday, January 18, 2008

Bizarre Searches That Lead to Geekanerd

Nothing fills me with joy quite like keeping tabs on the bizarre Google searches leading hapless surfers to our site. These are some seriously disappointed customers:
  • three-eyed cyclops videos - A paradoxical mythological creature with a vlog?
  • sweeney todd cheekbones - So dreamy!
  • "hot wife", encouraged, 1st, video - How... specific.
  • porn comics free colbert - In the mood for some John Stewart/Stephen Colbert slash fiction perhaps?
  • mcfly naked - I was really excited about someone having a Back to the Future fetish until I realized McFly is the name of some band... that got naked once or something.
  • all things socks - I like to think this person liked our site a lot, even if it wasn't quite what he/she was looking for.
  • half life 2 portal chell ____s herself porn anime - You and me both, pal.
  • pornographic weighted companion cube fanart - I suspect this was actually G'nerd editor AHR. In fact, I would put money on it.
Inspired by I Hate My Job.

1 comment:

AHR said...

I hope you did bet money, cause you're wrong! Only "sweeney todd cheekbones" was mine!