Monday, January 07, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans from Omega, Detective Comics, Ultimate Human and More

Every week we at Geekanerd rip panels from our comics and put them on display here, recognizing the best, worst, and weirdest moments of the week. Click the pics for high res goodness, and beware SPOILERS.

Superheroes Are Dicks - Omega: The Unknown #4
Yeah, that's a bald eagle. To be fair, he looks a little ashamed in panel three.

Indiana Batman, Wrestling Buddies and Gorgeous Art after the jump...

Movie Moment - Detective Comics #840"So do you, Detective!"

Fun With Archetypes - Countdown to Mystery #4
In this well drawn but supremely depressing story, the new Doctor Fate meets the kind of beautiful, charming, available comic book artist girl who are always showing up in comics. She has a lifesize standup of her most famous character, who is such an apt amalgamation of scary-tough-guy-in-overcoat characters, I had to pause to figure out if he was a real character.

Wrestling Buddy Alert - Ultimate Human #1Some of you born at such a time that you missed the brief window of time when little boys and tomboys could buy dolls to wrestle with may have been puzzled by the few panels in Ultimate Human where an unexplained mini Iron Man is passed between Banner and Stark. Those of you who once had such a Wrestling Buddy, however, totally knew what was going on and no doubt shed a tear as the memories came flooding back. On a side note, never do a Google image search for "wrestling buddy" with SafeSearch turned off.

Prettiest Panel - Teen Titans: Year One #1
Aquaman makes poor Aqualad feel pretty bad for spazzing out upon seeing this glorious beast. I think silent awe is more appropriate.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Incredible Hulk But Were Afraid to Ask - Ultimate Human #1You heard the man. During transformation, the Hulk grows new internal organs. God bless the Ultimate Universe. Except Ultimates 3 which is some awful awful crap.

Beatdown of the Week - Gravel #0
Despite looking like some shit I drew in fifth grade, the knife through the face is a brutal move you just don't see too often.

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