Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans from Robin, Shadowpact, Umbrella Academy and More

Every week we at Geekanerd rip panels from our comics and put them on display here, recognizing the best, worst, and weirdest moments of the week. Click the pics for high res goodness, and beware SPOILERS.

Earth Prime Cameo - Dan DiDio, Robin #170
In the grand tradition of comic creators appearing in ink, a man bearing the distinctive goatee and bald pate of DC Editor Dan DiDio showed up as a thug in the latest issue of Robin. The in-jokeiness is pushed a step further given that in the first few pages DiDio gets beaten up and robbed by a new vigilante who we're meant to believe may be ex-Robin Stephanie Brown, who's torturous death and subsequent lack of respect is an injustice many place on DiDio's shoulders. Given the perceived jab at Stephanie's fans earlier this year, perhaps this cameo amounts to a sort of mea culpa. I don't expect this girl to actually be Stephanie Brown (we can't have all the personifications of Batman's failures come back to life, what's next, his parents?), but hopefully this new arc by Chuck Dixon will bring a more emotionally satisfying climax to Stephanie's story. And for the sake of comparison, here's how DiDio was previously drawn in the 2006 DC Editorial Christmas greeting.

Some weird, kinky shit after the jump...

Best Reason Not To Date Online - Shadowpact #21
Detective Chimp, what you are doing is wrong. So very wrong. You are not a furry! You are an animal! Furries are people! People who's strange lifestyle choices do not necessarily mean they're into bestiality, and whether they go there or not is certainly not up to you!

In other, even more traumatizing monkey comic panels...

Banana Randomizer Award For Achievement in WTF - The Umbrella Academy #5
Not since Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man have we seen such a horrifying depiction of animal testing. The problem is it comes of absolutely no where. I love this series, and up to this point didn't mind it's challengingly complex storyline, but no matter how many times I re-read this issue, I couldn't figure out how this flash-back fits in to anything that precedes or comes after it. The setup of this scene has another character about to launch into his own life story, when suddenly this nightmare is splashed across the page, apparently psychically broadcast by the monkey character in the lower left hand corner. Why? How? To what end? The monkey doesn't seem to actually be DOING anything to make this happen, there's no universally accepted symbol of psychic transmittal like closing ones eyes or holding up their hand. I can accept some mysteries left open in an on-going storyline, but leaving a provocative image like this completely unresolved is unacceptably confusing.

Finally, a bonus panel I forgot to include last week...

How They Like It - Green Arrow Black Canary #4

Wonder Woman, are you suggesting you plan on individually tying up every person who happened to be in the hospital hallway? I wonder what Golden Age Wonder Woman would think about that idea?

Oh. Well. I'll just leave you to it, then.


Alex said...

It's the monocle! In Umbrella Academy, I mean... It took me several flips back and forth to figure out what's going on, but Number 5 puts on the monocle, and then there's a circular panel of the monkey flashback. So the monocle can see someone's past? Maybe?

Albo said...

Brilliant, Alex. I see now why they pay you the big bucks.

B said...

Alex is right, it is the monocle wich knowing Gerard means that it'll come back later on with a little more significance, it also helped to give another example of what their 'father' was like and what he got up to behind the scenes. I think over all this was a highly interesting and informative scene which explains where the monkeys became so intelligent and so on.

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