Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enhance Your Rock Band Experience

So you've got Rock Band, and you're saying to yourself "Man, this is fun and all, but I really feel like if I spent some more money I would be having an even better time." And you're right! There's a bevy of fun Rock Band doodads to blow money on. The first and most exciting is what is simulated in the picture above... A Rock Band Light and Smoke Stage Show Kit! No joke, read all about it over at Destructoid. It won't be out until July, but you can bet with a price tag of 100 smax it'll be worth the wait!

Hit the jump for more fun Rock Band accessories...

Sound-Dampening Drum Pads
One of the big complaints with Rock Band out of the box is how much of a racket those little plastic drum pads make. It's not so bad when you have the luxury of cranking the music so high it drowns out the noise, but some people have neighbors. Enter the sound-dampening drum pad mod, available in DIY ($27 for supplies) and BIY (Buy-It-Yourself, $27.99) varieties. Do they work? Well, check out this video of them in action:

So yeah, they work. Be warned, however, they begin to show damage pretty quick. Mine aren't falling apart or anything, but they definitely aren't as pretty as the ones in the picture.

Drum Bag
If you're planning on taking your show on the road, or (ha) storing your drums away, you may want to get your hands on this official Rock Band Drum Bag. It's going for $50 at the Rock Band Store.

Mic Stand

Anyone who has tried to sing and play guitar or drums at the same time using the Xbox 360 headset knows how crappy the sounds quality is with that thing. Dropping $13 (at Guitar Center, among other places) on an actual mic stand for your USB microphone is a solid investment. It'll also open up a bunch of new "stage business" possibilities. Which in turn will open up a bunch of new "property destruction" possibilities.

Have I missed anything crucial? Let me know in the comments.


Johnny said...

Robotic Roadies and a Van!!

Anonymous said...

I really love the pads from http://www.drumpads4rockband.com. I also improved my scores a bit.