Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Unlock Your Inner Cape Killer

Maybe I watch too many serial killer movies. Maybe I read the scary crime book Killing Pickman immediately before seeing this ad. MAYBE I am just a sick, bloody minded individual, because every damn time I see this ad in a comic, my first thought is "OH DEAR GOD, why is the decapitated head of The Flash in that boy's refrigerator?!"

Is it just me? The mirror effect makes it look like Flash's head is resting on a shelf in say, a pickle jar. I expect that were it not for the blinding light of the industrial grade refrigerator (gotta have the right equipment if you're going to be stashing body parts), we'd see a pile of hewn Batman limbs and Martian Manhunter's charred skull. Also that kid should pull his pants up. And a white belt? Dude, if you're going to take this supervillian thing seriously, you can't walk around looking like a hipster from 2oo2. Get yourself a cape and a bodysuit, and do it up right.

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