Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Black Hole, Pantsless Wonders, and Comedy People

Friday, January 11
Black Hole, Charles Burns' critically acclaimed graphic novel, just came out as a sleek, affordable paperback. I was in a bookstore today, and there it was in the front display along side the regular texty books. Take that, fiction! At this Author Event, Burns will talk about Black Hole, and probably whatever people want to ask him about.

Pantsless hijinks and a bunch of comedians, after the jump...

Saturday, January 12
  • No Pants 2008
  • 3pm@ Foley Square, between Centre St and Layafette, Brooklyn
Geeks tend to go in for shameless exhibitionism only when they've got a really good, formal reason for doing so. Like an anime con. Or a Star Wars con. Any kind of Con, really. So think of this as an Anti-Pants con, and you'll be fine. Basically you group up at 3pm, get on the subway, and when the moment is right, you drop trou. Hit the title link for an FAQ. And make sure you wear some superhero boxers to represent (that goes for you too, ladies).

Sunday, January 13

Semi famous alt-komedians Jessi Klein and Demetri Martin (I've heard straight hipster girls consider him to be "dreamy"!) join regular hosts Mirman and Showalter, who were recently nominated in the Best Hosts category of the Emerging Comedians of New York awards. Emerging?! Michael Showalter was in The State! The oldest sketch troupe of all time! This show appears to consist of whatever the funsters feel like doing, and it's only seven bucks.


Alex said...

FYI, It's not the Emerging Comics of New York Awards anymore... They went away for two years, are back now with an all new production team, and kept the designation ECNY Awards, but it doesn't stand for anything. It's a general New York Comedy Award, rewarding anyone who has done excellent work in the past year.

Anyway, I understand it's confusing. Hope that clarifies how Showalter and Mirman could get nominated.

AHR said...

Ah - I now see that the FAQ I consulted to even find out what the letters stood is in fact indicating what the letters DON'T stand for. You comedy people are bats. Congrats on your multiple nominations, by the way.