Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: A Brand New Day for Pee-Wee to Get Back the Rock

Monday, January 14
There have been a number of Guitar Hero nights at bars around town, but this is the first Rock Band weekly event I've heard of so far. Word is it'll be tournament style in upcoming weeks, but here's your chance to play for fun and work on your act. Because this game is more about exuding rock stardom than anything else.

Tuesday, January 15
Do you have an opinion about this whole Brand New Day Spider-Man Boyslut thing that I hear is happening in the Marvel Universe? This is your chance to express it to those who make the magic happen. Or maybe not - the show is toootally sold out, but last time they sold out a limited number of tickets were available when the box office opened on Tuesday. Check 212-563-7488 for availability. And of course, you can always just wait on the dark, desolate street outside the theater and yell out your questions as the writers leave....that's still like half a step above posting on a message-board.

Wednesday, January 16
Does the dark as night Sweeney Todd make you yearn for a bygone age when Tim Burton films were whimsical and hilarious? Well you're in luck because the New York Public Library is showing the masterpiece known as Pee-Wee's Big Adventure FOR FREE, preceded by the animated short The Wizard of Speed and Time.

Thursday, January 17
The GetBackers is a manga and anime about a two-man repossession service who use supernatural powers to do their repo work. Their motto is: "We get back what is being taken or lost." HELL YEAH. Of course if you are actually interested in this event, you know all this. The club meets the second Thursday of every month, all are welcome.

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