Monday, January 14, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans from The Goon, The Twelve, Countdown and More

Every week we at Geekanerd rip panels from our comics and put them on display here, recognizing the best, worst, and weirdest moments of the week. Click the pics for high res goodness, and beware SPOILERS.

Best Action Sequence - The Goon #20
We love colorist Dave Stewart here at Geekanerd. These muted sepia tones elevate Eric Powell's pencils from awesome to stunning. Not to mention these panels feature a man fighting bird monsters in the air, while being hung. And he wins!

Hit the jump for Nazi lechers, alien exhibitionists, bratty superheroes and more...

World's Second Greatest Detective - The Twelve #1The setup here is that this guy is a WWII superhero who was frozen at the end of the war and just unfrozen by the US Military in 2008. They haven't broken the news to him yet, but we've got a sharp one here and he knows something is up.

Banana Randomizer Award For Achievement in WTF - Countdown #16
That's a horrible comeback. Kit Fisto 1, Jason Todd 0.

Bad Touch - The Twelve #1
We all know Nazis are bad dudes, but groping an unconscious superheroine? Inexcusable. As well as extremely random.

Embarrassed For Everyone Award - Countdown #16
This maybe already be the worst comic book panel of the year. Pink naked alien girl with breasts bigger than her head, check. A thin line of steam shooting out of the bathroom to cover her vagina (or something), check. Giant floppy cartoon antennae, check. The line "I owe you a boon." I can't check that one off because my hands are busy clawing my eyes out.

Peter Parker is a Brat - Amazing Spider-Man #546

It appears that removing Mary Jane from Peter Parker's life has made him revert to an impulsive, bratty teenager. Exhibit A: "For once I'll be the hero?" Surely he got over this kinda crap a long time ago. Exhibit B:
This isn't how Aunt May and Uncle Ben raised Pete. This is some crazy Spider-Man 3 "Tobey Maguire Goes Wild" Spider-Man. Seriously, "I made you!"? Really? As much as I liked seeing him finally tell off J.J.J., it doesn't seem true to character. He's not even under any stress.

Superman Ex Machina - Green Arrow/Black Canary #4
So what's going on here is Green Arrow is calling Superman's name from the other side of the planet to get his help. This being possible raises some important questions: How are we meant to feel any sort of danger in any DC superhero comic now that we know all anyone has to do is ask (loudly) and Superman will stop what he's doing and come to the rescue? And why haven't people been doing this all along? Have they just been too stubborn to ask for help from Superman? Even when people are dying? What babies. Secondly, if his hearing is really that good, has Supes just learned to tune out every one of the millions of people screaming for help across the globe everyday?

Stupid Stupid Comic Artists - Hulk #1
Ok, the Hulk is wielding a gun. Your first question should be "Where does he find a gun big enough for his meaty Gamma-irradiated fingers?" Luckily for you, Iron Man reveals on the next page that S.H.I.E.L.D. in fact makes guns that large. Your second question should be "Ok, I can see S.H.I.E.L.D. making big guns, but why in flaming flip would it be a six-shooter revolver?!"

Fanboy Wet Dream - Mighty Avengers #7
Yeah yeah, New York pedestrians have turned into an army of Venoms and Carnages . On a side note, has it ever been explained why the symbiote didn't give Peter Parker big jaws and a giant tongue?

Most Chilling Image - Killing Pickman #2
I wrote a review for this issue on Wednesday, but scrapped it cause I couldn't do proper justice to the exquisite fusion of text and art that's being put out in this book. The purely expressionistic splatter of red makes this otherwise innocent image one of the most haunting in an book with enough dark, disturbing imagery to go around.

Now That's Comedy - Simon Dark #4
HAHAHAHA! We don't see this gag enough in comics.


Anonymous said...

Peter Parker is under a lot of stress when he confronts Jonah.
He feels like a loser living in his aunt's house.
He needs cash to move out, and to get a new place he needs money by tomorrow.
He can't get a job.
He has to borrow money from a friend.
He gets mugged. The guy gets all of his cash and one of his web-shooters too.
He loses the guy because he got cocky.
He's embarrassed in front of his aunt and her new boss.
He's reduced to wearing donated shoes.
He goes to the Bugle to try to get money that they owe him.
And Jonah tells him to **** off.
I can see how that would be a breaking point.

Albo said...

You're right, you're right, Anonymous. I guess I believe that he would explode, but the severity with which he did so didn't seem very Parkerish to me.

Degan said...

i probably shouldn't even say anything since i haven't read any of it other than pages and panels here and there... but from what i can tell, they seem to be treating this as if he's new to the game... we weren't sent back in time, right? Time was just altered, so he should be just as experienced as ever... in fact, he should have a whole bunch of new experiences and such... am i wrong? I'd like to think this whole spiderman nonsense isn't as completely terrible as it seems on the surface.