Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spoiler or Tease?
Are These Heroes Really Skrulls?

If'n you don't know by now, Marvel Comics' next big event is "Secret Invasion," wherein it will be revealed that a number of the heroes we know and love have actually been Skrulls in disguise! Marvel has been sending us promotional images of different heroes Skrullified, with the tagline "Who do you trust?" So the question is... Are they just teasing us, or are these guys actually Skrulls? On one hand, I would like to think they are saving the dramatic reveals for the actual comics because that's going to be half the fun of reading them. However, these characters (with the exception of Wolvie) are just C-List enough to be sacrificed to the Skrull event. And if they were just trying to be inflammatory with these pics, wouldn't they use Spider-Man or Iron Man or Dr. Strange? I mean, Hercules and Hawkeye? Who cares? So maybe these are legit spoilers... Check 'em out after the jump.


Hunter said...

Wolverine was already a Skrull for a whole year and everyone was mad! Phoenix was a clone for even longer and everyone was mad! I am guessing that all four of these are outright audience baiting, though I know nothing about Hercules and his fans.

Man, Quesada! Now he actually takes a moment before all of these big status quo melting arcs to look the reader in his eyes and say, "How bad could I Quesada you right now?" I can't say that to people. Certainly not with a print campaign.

Bishop said...

Maybe Joey Q will end up being a Skrull and all of the terrible storylines in Marvel will turn out to just be Skrull manipulation.