Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steampunk Magazine and It's Tutorials of Varying Danger

I won't claim to know anything about the inner workings of Steampunk culture, but I sure do like all those gears and funny hats. I also love free things, so I was pleased to recently discover Steampunk Magazine, a neatly put together magazine that you can read for free online.

Issue four just came out this week, and consists of equal parts interviews, how-to DIY projects, and lots and lots of fiction, which I want to call fanfiction but of course it isn't. I found the How To sections to be the most engaging; they get down to the nuts and bolts of actually bringing the Victoria era to life in your own 8x8 apartment. In this issue alone you can learn how to...
  • ...Build your own current-tastic Jacob's Ladder (highly dangerous)
  • ...Turn copper into brass (only a little dangerous)
  • ...Make a funny hat (hardly dangerous)
...and most dangerous of all, how to go on hallucinatory and possibly psychotic-episode-inducing mind trips, an article which opens with the disclaimer that "Clearly, many things are illegal." Fun stuff.

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