Monday, March 03, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans From Kick-Ass#1, Batman & Robin #9, RASL #1, and More

Why Batman Is the Coolest: All-Star Batman & Robin #9
Say what you will about Miller's take on "The Goddamn Batman," this is some classy shit. He agrees to meet with Green Lantern but has Robin paint the whole place yellow to nullify the effects of Hal Jordan's ring. And then just to be a jerk he serves lemonade and has Robin prance around with a vanilla ice cream cone. Man this guy is cool.

Why Bruce Wayne Is Not The Coolest: Batman #674
After pulling some truly awe-inspiring tricks to get out of yet another death-defying situation, Batman has to suffer the indignity of staging an explanation as to how Gotham's most irrisponsible millionaire has managed to get himself blown up and battered within an inch of his life....FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. Going far beyond the "I fell down the stairs" standby, he fakes a parachute accident that ends with poor Bruce in a dumpster. Was that humiliating touch necessary to sell the cover story to Gotham's cruel paparazzi, or is Batman just showing his own ingrained contempt for his feckless alter-ego?

Mark Millar On...: Kick-Ass #1
It's not often you get direct comics criticism in comics, so it was fun reading this bit about why Galactus as a cloud was stupid, why movie Spidey's organic web shooters made sense and why Joss Whedon's X-Men work is better than Buffy... It also is a quick way to establish the setting of the book as "our real world." Because I think I said all that stuff within the last month.

Achievement in Villain Design: RASL #1
Good God this weird little lizard man that chases our hero around is creepy creepy CREEPY! The stare he gives you in this panel chilled me to the bone.

Project Runway Winner: Spider-Man: With Great Power... #2
As much as I'm not into this book, I was really digging Spidey's temporary wrestling duds. I think the eye holes and the gloves are a really cool design!

Most Severe Beatdown of the Week : Kick-Ass #1
A Tragedy in Four Acts

It's fitting that one of our most severe beatdowns EVER (Come on Albo, no one even gets their head punched through! - AHR) should come from a book called Kick-Ass. This poor bastard gets it bad and keeps on getting it.

Act One, wherein our hero gets it in the nads.>
Act Two, wherein our hero's neck takes a whompin'.
Act Three, wherein our hero takes the business end of a knife to the chest.

Act Four, wherein our hero is proven to be the unluckiest bastard on earth.


AHR said...

Batman is the Daniel Plainview of the Justice League.

PS: It may look like I'm commenting to my own post, but Albo actually wrote most of these this week.

Degan said...

way to comment on your own post dork