Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: David Lynch, Dodgeball, Comic Bloggers, and LOST

Monday, March 10
Film critic J. Hoberman is celebrating his 30th year at the Village Voice, so BAM is showcasing a number of films he memorably reviewed, or just plain liked a lot. Hoberman will introduce this screening of Eraserhead, who called it a "piece of post-nuclear guignol" in his original 1977 review.

Comic bloggers, Lost, and gym class flashbacks after the jump...

Tuesday, March 11
Comic bloggers on parade! If you have any questions about where the comic industry is headed (or the comic blogging industry), this is the place to get your voice heard. Tickets are, as always, a mere $5.

Wednesday, March 12
Dodgeball may generally be associated with positive memories for geekanerds, but you're all grown up now and surely decades of playing first person shooters have sharpened up your hand eye co-ordination. Registration is $15, which guarantees you at least two games. Winners get two pitches and free Pizza at the Boss Tweed after party. Losers get to feel bad about themselves. The website says it's co-ed, friendly, and 22 and over.

Thursday, March 13

  • Get Lost!
  • 6:30 @ Professor Thom's, 219 2nd Avenue, Manhattan
Free jello shots whenever someone says "oceanic 6" or punches Ben. I don't even like Lost, and I know that's awesome. I passed by this place last week, they've got the show on a bunch of huge screens and the volume is cranked, if you're concerned about missing some valuable info in a public setting.

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Albo said...

Just a note, Ana:

LOST should always be spelled in all caps. Because it's freaking LOST.