Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Rap Geeks, Trash Geeks, and Guitar Heroes

Monday, April 7
mc chris doesn't like being called nerdcore, and I think that's fine, because -core is surely the most pretentious of all suffixes. mc will perform his new album for the first time at this show, so if you're a fan of, erm, raps about predominately nerdy subject matter (good), you'll want to be able to say, "I was there."

Free trash talking and a Guitar Hero tournie, after the jump...

Tuesday, April 8
Billed as a "useless lecture series", this monthly event is less expensive than Grad School and almost as likely to get you a job. Four nerds will talk about their experiences in waste managements, and no that's not a euphemism for the mafia. Expect to see some freegans wearing clothes made out of bottlecaps, and hope they play this song at least once:

Wednesday, April 9
Hey remember that game people used to play before Rock Band? Me neither. JUST KIDDING, Guitar Hero will always be Geekanerd's first love as far as pretend-guitar games go. Entrance to this tournie is first come first served, the prize is a gift card for five free songs at the iTunes Store. Wait, what? Are you serious? Apple, you can't shell out more than $5 dollars in prize money for your own in-store events? This is a bad sign people, dump your stock ASAP...

No Thursday this week! Know something good happening on April 10th? Leave it in the comments or use the email link in the sidebar.

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