Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekanerd Recession Edition: Free Booze, Ice Cream, Art and Anime

Friday, April 4
Want to know what makes a good night out? Polish silent films from the 1920s with live brass band accompaniment. Want to know what makes a great night? Free Newcastle beer. Want to know what makes the greatest night of your life? FREE ICE CREAM. Holy shit.

More cheapanerd happenings after the jump...

Saturday, April 5
There's a crapload of programming going on at this event that's all about celebrating that "Japanese culture" skinny white guys talk about loving so much. There's a cosplay photo contest, a screening of Miyazaki's fantastic Kiki's Delivery Service, art lessons, rock music, a dance party... There isn't much that isn't happening tonight at the Brooklyn Museum, and it's all free thanks to corporate sponsor Target.

Sunday, April 6
Did you enjoy Panter's guest art duties on Omega: The Unknown as much as we did? Well show up to the man's solo show and see what else he's capable of. For instance, did you know he was the head set designer for the surreal Pee Wee's Playhouse? Actually, I bet if you show up at the opening Friday night he'll probably be wandering about (not to mention there'll probably be free booze). Just let me know how loud he chuckles when you ask him to sign your Marvel funny book at his art opening.

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