Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons With Girls

you may not see girls in this photo, but trust me, they were there

A few weeks ago, literary workshop space 826 NYC threw a fundraising event with a hell of a high concept; Dungeons and Dragons....with girls. And while there's always been at least one girl in attendance during any RPG session I've ever embarked on, I can imagine that many DnD aficionados, through little to no fault of their own, have never had the chance to quest with an adventurer of the double-X persuasion. And that is an innuendo as well.

The organizers insured some female attendance by making registration free for girls, and it worked; about a third of the crowd were ladies, it was just like the inclusive nerd paradise I've always dreamed of. A lady-type even won the grand prize of the night; a luxurious golden crown. For the record, I was the first one to die at my table, due to my gonzo warrior playing style.

A few more pictures from the night, including the crowned winner....

It was a strictly 21 and over affair (maybe not that strictly), so the basement-food classics (doritos, pizza and candy) were paired with cans of Bud and bottles of Stella. The alcohol was also a brilliant stratagem on the part of the organizers, because in true 826 NYC fashion, cheats could be bought for "donations" to the charity pot. The more empties that accumulated on our table, the more our party was willing to shell out bucks for the chance to roll do-overs.

Here's our party facing four goblins...this is after I tried to steal from jewels from the eyes of a statue. Now, I personally know you don't do that, but does my character? No. Hence, goblins. That's just how I "roll". (--dies--)*

The winner was the player who had accumulated the most experience points by midnight; and here she is; Tracey, the Monarch of DnD Night! I was at a table with one of her friends (also a girl, and one of the more impressively committed RPers at my table), who took this photo after the big night. That crown was heavy and metallic, not some chintzy plastic thing. Shiny...

*Get it? "DIE-s?"


Degan said...

I can vouch for AHR... that is in fact her playing style... and yeah, i can see her getting ambushed by some gobs. Just count yourself lucky Albo wasn't there... your characters woulda been too busy attacking each other to even notice the goblins.


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