Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Owner of Comic Relief, Rory Root Passes Away

Many, if not most of you probably don't know who Rory Root or what Comic Relief: The Comic Book Store was. Rory Root ran the popular book shop based in Berkley, CA. By all accounts he was a true ambassador of sequential art, with a shop that was geared towards not only filling the demand of die-hard collectors, but one that encouraged new readers of any age and gender to pick up a comic. He was everything that the traditional "comic book guy" stereotype wasn't. He was friendly and helpful and touched many lives, more than just a simple purveyor of the funny books. Rory was the kind of guy that you long to have behind the counter at your local store. I'm not an authority on the man, but I do know that he deserves some tribute for his work in the business. I've dropped in some links to some authors and creators giving their thoughts on Mr. Root. As you can see, he was much more than just a guy who ran a book store.

DC Prez Paul Levitz remembers Rory

Neil Gaiman on Rory

Warren Ellis on Rory

Matt Fraction on Rory

The Savage Critic talks about Rory

Comic Book Resources' article on Rory

The Comics Reporter tribute to Rory, with memories by Ed Brubaker, Dan Clowes, and others

Rory Root - 1958-2008

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