Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Weezer Video Has All Your Favorite Internet Celebrities

The idea seems so painfully obvious, I'm surprised no one beat Weezer to the punch. Get every YouTube celebrity you can wrangle and throw them into one big pot for mega-virally goodness. It would have been a bit more fresh if we hadn't just had the Southpark episode with all these guys, but SP's production turnaround is so fast I wouldn't be surprised if they got the idea from Weezer rather than the other way around. I know that may involve time travel, but I'm telling you those guys are supernatural.

As a whole the video works really well, I'd say. I was skeptical at first but by the end it was like a great big party with a bunch of old pals. Though I was quite sad not to see my main man Sammy Stephens.

[Thanks for the tip, Ethan!]

UPDATE: See something you don't recognize? Check out this excellent list of all the memes that are referenced in the video, with original YouTube links included!


AHR said...

I was so so ready to hate on this, because the last track on Pinkerton is where me and Weezer part ways with extremely hard feelings. But this video is exceptionally good. Observations:

I love how Chris Crocker's crying make-up is immaculately applied.

Awesome to see GI Joe PSA on there. Are those four kids supposed to be Weezer Junior?

I never realized what a boyfest YouTube memes are; only two girls in the bunch!

How come neither this nor the South Park ep have direct Star Wars Kid parodies? Is that considered too mean at this point? At first I thought they only wanted memes that were intentional, but they have Miss SC on there...

I agree, would have been nice to see S. Stephens.

Degan said...

I dunno... those weezers... they know how to make videos that appeal to my sensibilities... (first muppets and baby animals, now this?!?) However, can i put in a formal request for someone to break down the memes in here? I think i picked up on like 85% of them... but you know me...i hate feeling left out so i wanna make sure there's nothing i missed. Did you guys catch all of em?

rachel said...

I love it!