Sunday, November 23, 2008

Batman: Arkham Asylum Teaser... The Game You've Been Waiting For Your WHOLE LIFE

You may be unaware of this fact, but the single greatest game you've never played is actually coming out! Supposedly in the first quarter of next year even! Sure, we may be biased here at Geekanerd... considering our fave Batman writer Paul Dini is writing the story... and our fave Batman actor Kevin Conroy is on board... and even our favorite Joker of all time (yes, even still) Mark Hamill is involved [eeeeee!]. So I don't know about you... but we've basically never been more excited about a video game. And this teaser, though it doesn't show much, certainly helps. And hearing that familiar giggle at the end nearly brought a tear to this old nerd's eye.

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NickSC said...

I agree with one thing... Throw "Arkham Asylum" into almost anything, and I'm officially excited. Even if the only thing you see in the trailer are dolly shots of prison cells and Luke Skywalker's Joker cackle.