Friday, November 21, 2008

More Watchmen Movie to Comic Comparisons

Another Watchmen trailer has hit the webs, as well as some extra footage shown at the Scream Awards, so I suppose it's time for another exhaustive Geekanerd Watchmen Movie to Comic Comparison! Check out our previous Watchmen comparisons here and here.


The Comedian's MurderTONS more of these, plus analysis after the jump.

The moment the famous bloody smiley is born...
Rorschach Investigates
Something to note here is that in the comic Rorschach uses his grappling hook but still has to scale the building. In the movie, it's more of a Batman thing where he just gets whisked up to the window no problem. An example of the apparent "flashy-ing up" of the story.I find it pretty funny that the police would put "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape on a high rise window. I guess the police in the movie world are hip to building climbers like Rorschach.In the comic, The Comedian's little cabinet is somewhat humble and sad, with his outfit on a simple wire hanger and his deflated mask (with a distinctly "sad" face) evoking the emptiness Blake felt in his later years. In this movie clip it's generic superhero hidden room.I bitched a lot when Patrick Wilson was cast in this film. I was convinced that he was way too hunky to play the dumpy, washed up Dan Dreiberg. But looking at him here I've decided I'm A-OK with it--they've done a great job of dialing down Mr. Wilson.
Rorschach walks down the street and is solicited by a prostitute in red.

The Comedian's Funeral

It's Hard Being Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan gets pretty upset during a TV taping when confronted with the news that he might be giving people close to him cancer. Notice his slightly darker color, which he changed when the producer told him his regular light blue color was no good for TV.

Dr. Manhattan proves himself. Why take apart guns and blow up tanks when you can combine them and take apart tanks? Not to nitpick, and I'm sure these effects aren't done, but that tank looks like it was pulled from Battalion Wars.The Comedian has just gotten a bottle to the face from the Vietnamese woman he impregnated and abandoned. After shooting her, he confronts Dr. Manhattan with the fact that he could have stopped it if he actually cared about human life--which he doesn't. Hence, "God help us all."

Rorschach is Cornered

Dreiberg and Lorie
Dreiberg's apocalyptic wet dream.Makin' it in the Owl Ship.Lorie realizing The Comedian is her father.

Showdown in the Arctic
Oh man, I was so worried that Nite Owl's adorable Snowy Owl outfit wouldn't make it into the film, but if you look closely at that movie still, it looks like he's wearing it! Hoorah!
Adrian Veidt's Arctic fortress.Manhattan's return.

The End
Wowee. Way to spoil the ending, folks.Dr. Manhattan and Lorie survey the damage. Notice the full frontal in that movie still. Good to see Snyder isn't shying away from that.

Questions and Observations
Ooh, ooh, click this one for high res and notice the banner in the lower right "USA Welcomes Vietnam as it's 51st State." Another small detail that it's good to see the filmmakers thought was important enough to include.What scenes are these two stills from?The Superman-esque effigy is pretty cool.Look how short Rorschach is. He's like a child next to the others!


Mik said...

Looking forward to this movie. It has been a long while since I read the graphic novel, I keep meaning to pick up a copy and re read it.

Degan said...

yeah, where'd you find the still of him dismantling the tank? Its pretty disappointing looking... you're right that it looks like its from a video game-but not even a very recent one at that... hopefully its an unfinished effect. But then why put it on the web?

Milo said...
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Milo said...

To be fair though, those who have not read the Watchmen comics would not know which scenes represent the ending of the book. So that scene of the explosion does not really spoil that much at all.

Albo said...

That's from the trailer, Degan. It happens pretty quick, though.

Sandoz said...

That shot of Laurie crying is right after she hurls the perfume bottle, as the Mars palace falls apart around her.

Albo said...

Oh, I mean the Scream Awards trailer, not the regular trailer.

And I think you're right about that, Sandoz... I originally thought not because the shot of her throwing the bottle has her on the surface of Mars rather than in the palace, but now I realize she could have turned around or something.

Johnny said...

Alright... I'm starting to think this movie might be better than I ever gave it credit for. The Comedian/Rorschach scene looked pretty awesome.

I really hope they can the Billy Corgin though.

Billy said...

Wow somebody did his homework.

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