Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Star Trek Trailer...Trek Babies?

We're all about the Star Wars here at Geekanerd... but we're willing to give the other guys a chance too. There were other Star franchises long before our favorite conflict in a galaxy far far away. Now if you weren't aware of the new Star Trek trailer that "dropped" on Monday-well then you've been living under a nerd rock... or maybe a cool rock? A jock rock? Anyhow, we'd love to get your impressions on the trailer...

I have a limited knowledge of the original series-seen a bunch of episodes-enough to have a deep respect for the series, but not enough to be fully immersed in Trek lore. So I may be at a loss, but I was under the impression that Kirk worked his way up the Federation ranks till he was finally rewarded with the Enterprise... this trailer almost has us thinking he drives up on his cool Brando-esque hover bike in his teens, and declares "yeah, I'll be the captain of that bitch!" And so he was. I'm sure there's more to it then that, but I don't have hope for much more. I've never been a big J.J. Abrams fan-never saw the appeal. And I fear he may take down a franchise to prove that to everyone else. If there's anyone who can nuke Star Trek's seemingly un-nukable fridge, it's Abrams.

More screen shots, more bitching, and the full trailer after the jump!

Now here I'm genuinely confused... It seems Spock's overall arc through the entire series (shows and movies) was a gradual shift from his cold-logical-emotionless Vulcan half to his more feeling, generally-less-kickable human side. So you'd think baby Spock would be super robotic and stiff... well not on the Baby Bridge! Here he's some sorta space lunatic. Either that or Kirk is a Raging dick... which isn't out of the question.

Ok, this one's less confusing and just more offensive. Sulu has been praised as being one of the first truly non-stereotypical Asian characters in American media. He wasn't a scheming fu-manchu wearing villain... or a dopey asexual sidekick. George Takei himself has talked about how he was proud of the character; particularly that he never saved the day with karate or any of that BS (paraphrasing of course). So here we see John Cho as Sulu... as some sort of freaking Space Samurai! Come on! He's even fighting a guy with a space katana... which, I'm afraid, looks very much the same as a land katana. Its the future! If someone comes at you with a sharp metal stick, you blast them with a laser! Done.

Anywho, below is the trailer in question. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it and let us know what you think. And if you're a bonafide Trekkie, please feel free to correct any of my surely numerous inaccuracies. And then we can debate about how Vader would kick the Borg's ass.


AHR said...

My biggest issue is that San Francisco is no where to be seen. As my favorite t-shirt circa 1995 would have told you, Star Fleet HQ is in my hometown of SF, as is the Star Fleet Academy, the Fleet Ship Yards, and just about every other major Star Fleet installation on Earth. And you know what San Francisco DOESN'T have? Big fields of corn or whatever the F Kirk is mopedding around in when he sees the Enterprise being built. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION.

Other than that, I'm not much use here...I was a DS9ner, so in all the other Treks I'm always wondering when the Cardassians are going to show up. Those guys know how to TCB.

Degan said...

Ha, that's right! I totally forgot about Fleet HQ being in San Francisco... that's pretty bad cause that's old standing canon... listen J.J.... you can mess around with continuity and beloved characters anywhere else... but I'm warning you, don't F with Trekkies. They take this shit seriously.

AHR said...


Spock is obviously attempting to eat Kirk's brain to steal his ladiesman powers. SPOILER ALERT: He's thwarted.

NickSC said...

So far, I haven't thouroughly enjoyed a Star Trek film unless there is a character named Khan, or Spock talks to whales. That being said, I'm a VERY casual fan, and am prepared to judge this film as a completely seperate entity, with absolutely no vested interest other than wanting it to be entertaining.

This franchise needed a change, and it needed to be re-invented. I AM a fan of JJ Abrams, and I don't think anyone would take the wrath of the trekkies lightly.

THAT being said... Degan is a hater. I agree with roughly 80% of his geeky views, but I hate it when he judges shit before it either

A.) Arrives in theatres
B.) Hits the printing press
C.) Is downloadable on itunes

It's okay to like LOST even if a lot of other people like it too, buddy. And even if Cloverfield opens big at the box office, it won't hurt your indie cred to admit on a small level, you liked the sensation of neausea after those handheld chase scenes.

Degan said...

well, these are some serious charges here. First off, I'm a lover not a hater. Second off... I'm not judging the movie before its out, I'm judging the trailer, and right now the trailer gives me little hope for the movie. Which I like anyway-I prefer to go into these things with low expectations... than you're only disappointed if it REALLY blows... in which case that's also worth while. I'm not saying "it's bad" I'm saying "the trailer's bad"... very different.

Third. The franchise didn't need to be re-invented... its been "re-invented" a dozen times... each spinoff was completely different from the last. Ask any of the dorks fighting over Piccard vs Kirk. So if you want to "re-invent " it... don't use the long established characters that people have loved for decades. Do something like TNG, or DS9, or any of the other spinoffs... new characters, new stories... don't mess with the characters people love.

Lastly, Cloverfield was, like, the only thing J.J. Abrams gave us that I actually liked. I won't deny it, nor am i ashamed of it. I liked Cloverfield. Thought it was really cool. I also liked Sixth Sense... doesn't mean I have to support M Knight.

NickSC said...

The last Star Trek movie was in 1996. When I say it needs to be reinvented, I refer more to the timeframe. When anything goes 11 years without a continuation, you have to take a new angle, you gotta play a hot hand, and JJ Abrams is certainly a pretty hot hand. When you give someone the reigns, you gotta give them the reigns. I don't think a new Star Trek would make nearly the money it is going to make without coming back to the classic characters. Love it or hate it, no one wants to see some lame ass borg played by Miss December 2004 as a main villian.

Degan said...

Fair point, that's true. People only care cause its the Enterprise proper. However, that just makes Abrams' job harder... Trek fans are very sensitive about their canon... they were one of the original rabid fandoms... so he has to tread very carefully-there's only so much bending that they will tolerate.

Bishop said...

I think it's a little unreasonable to say that people should view a movie based on a television series/series of films that had established stories and characters as a "separate entity." You can't base your work directly on something established and not have it compared. I have low expectations for the film, but I really do hope that it is good. Also, Degan is a major hater.

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