Monday, November 24, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans From Batman and the Outsiders, Street Fighter II: Turbo, Ex Machina, and More

Every Monday, we at Geekanerd rip panels from last Wednesday's comics and post the best, the worst, and the weirdest. If you didn't read your books this week, beware of spoilers.

Most Inappropriate Superhero Posturing

What, that's not how you use a computer?

Burn Of The Week - Thunderbolts #129
I have been waiting for almost a year for someone to tell Penance that his tragic pain-fueled power shtick is lame and boring. Moonstone is exactly the right sociopath for the job. If you don't want to click the panel to read it, here's a summary; "By the way Robbie, do you want to see your new costume?" "What? I don't need a new costume..." (Moonie holds up a straight jacket) "Here, what do you think?" Awesome. If your burn session involves props, you're doing something right.

Celebrity Casting Corner - Ex Machina #39 and Street Fighter II Turbo #2

This weeks comics had a little visit from the current Republican administration...first up, Karl Rove..

Meanwhile, a familiar and very confused presidential figure gets a visit from Cammie....
HOLY! Okay, even if this is just a training simulation (VUUUUUUM is the sound of the projector powering down), and even if this guy doesn't look EXACTLY like W, I feel like I might get sent to Guantanamo Bay just for BUYING this comic.

Most Emo Panel - East Coast Comix #1
This is exactly how I feel every day. JK LOL. No really. Anyway, this panel walks the line between amateur and brilliant, and I think it comes down on the latter.

Banana Randomizer Award for Achievment in WTF - Batman and the Outsiders #13
This panel would make MC Escher throw up. What is Manbat doing to Batgirl? Hmm? From what angle are these events transpiring? Is Batgirl in mid-jump, or is she standing on the ground? Is her momentum going up, or down? The motion lines would indicate up, but the way her cape is billowing indicates down. Blarg.

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