Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eddie Murphy to be the next Riddler?!?

In what we can only assume/pray is a horrible prank, the Sun UK is "reporting" that Eddie Murphy is signed on to play the Riddler in the Nolan bro's followup to The Dark Knight (currently under the working title Gotham). Christian Bale and Michael Caine are still on board... and everybody's favorite franchise killer, Shia Labeouf is signed on as Robin. Rachel Weisz is said to be up for the role of Catwoman. Also Maggie Gyllenhaal is... wait, her character's dead?... man, that still blows my mind.

Ok. I wrote a few months ago that the Nolans have written themselves into a corner- The Dark Knight is a virtually impossible film to follow up. So it seems they're going the Spiderman III route? Sheesh. Stepping back a moment... Catwoman and the Riddler? I know I speak for others at GNerd when I say that we were hoping for some new villain blood... perhaps a Ventriloquist? Maybe a Mad Hatter? Hell, we'd even take a Clayface! Alas, we can only hope this is a scandalous rumor without an ounce of truth to it... It is the Sun after all. By the by, kudos to the Sun's graphics department... we couldn't have done a better/cheesier Eddie Riddler graphic ourselves!

While we're on the topic, what Batman rogues do you want to see in the next film?


Johnny said...

Of course it's a prank.

First, it's the Sun.

Second, that's obviously the same costume that Jim Carey wore in Batman Forever. It also claims that the execs are considering Shia Labeuf for Robin. Batman Forever was the third film in the last Batman run. The upcoming Batman movie will be the third film in the current series. See the parallel's that are far too coincidental?

It's a joke just short of saying that Joel Shoemaker (or Michael Bay so it won't be a dead giveaway, even though it is) will be the director.

Degan said...

I'm hoping its a joke-it is the Sun of course, that certainly wasn't beyond our notice. But that photo isn't supposed to be the actual costume-that was a silly graphic that the Sun put together for the article... I wasn't trying to claim that was an early leaked screen shot or anything.

As far as Robin goes, Nolan said in the past that there would be no Robin as long as he was director... but he said that before TDK... in fact he's somewhat backed down from that statement recently... so anything's possible. Just hopefully not this.

Degan said...

In fact, thankfully, no one of good repute is even bothering with this story... so hopefully that means its just more Sun BS

T Scott said...

Last I heard, they didn't even have the story yet. I doubt Nolan and Company would sign an actor before they had the story.

But I'm personally against having The Riddler in the next movie. I think, in execution, he would be too similar to The Joker (unless they went some strange Zodiac Killer direction).

I'd like to see The Penguin (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, anyone?) and Harley Quinn (as an obsessed fan or maybe former lover of Mister J).

AHR said...

T Scott - I am with you on so many points.

I agree that on the surface, the Riddler is too similar to Joker to make a good villain for the next movie. However, there are some interesting contrasts between Riddler and Joker that could make for a very different third movie:

Riddler is not evil; he could be portrayed as a brilliant man who is struck with the need to continually prove himself, even if that means putting others and himself in danger. How does Batman deal with a criminal without malice?

Riddler is logical; having him as the villian would be a great opportunity to showcase Batman's detective skills, which have kind of gone by the wayside to his brawn and technology.

The thing I like least about the Riddler is his name and costume; the costume would be easy to reinvent, and maybe they could just call him Nygma?

AHR said...


I would have LOVED to see Harley in a sequel with Heath's Joker; Kristen Bell would have been beyond perfect for the role. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde, but with a lot more domestic abuse.

That said, unless they recast Joker, I don't think Harley could be a primary villain. It just doesn't make dramatic sense to have a movie where her entire reason for being is only mentioned but never seen.

Anyway, I think Catwoman would be a good choice for the next movie...Batman needs a new love interest anyway.

Oh yeah but this is all moot because I think we all know that TWO-FACE IS STILL ALIVE! He's doing Justice and he's Still Alive!

Bishop said...

I get the feeling that if they went with Riddler, it would end up being death-trappy ala Saw. My vote is to work in some rogues as Mob Bosses (Mr. Scarface, Penguin, etc) and have them play more passing minor freakshow character roles. Basically play up that Gotham's criminal element is getting even creepier to match Bats, but I think one main villain will do for this installment. Freeze would be nice if they could figure out a way to do him believably stick with his tragic character.

But I think we all know who the best choice is:

Clock King

< /Discussion >

Bender said...

I don't want the Riddler unless they have Batman always chasing clues, so we don't even see who the Riddler is until the end. And Batman is truly using his detective skills in trying to track him down.

Otherwise I think someone like Black Mask or Lady Shiva could be cool

Anonymous said...

Honestly people do you really really think Nolan would be stupid enough to cast Murphy as the Riddler? Murphy's an actor who rarely can take a serious role and I don't think Nolan would take that big of a risk. Plus you know that article's bull because Bale said so himself the idea of bringing Robin in didn't appeal to him and if theydid he'd most likely leave.

And I actually think the Riddler would be a good villain. I mean sure he's been used before but villains like Clayface and Mr. Freeze just don't work for Nolan's take. All the villains for this series have to have a sense of realism to them, meaning it's at least possible for them to actually exist. Clayface wouln't work for this series.

Now think though to the people who wouldn't like The Riddler. Nolan's an amazing director and he probably realized how similar him and the Joker are. The Riddler would be written differently than it has been before and without a doubt this Riddler would be a LOT darker. Mostly likely they'd stick with his green tuxedo and bowler hat rather than the jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Oh and personally I think Black Mask would make an amazing villain for Nolan's series.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...